The Men’s Fellowship has been in existence for over 27 years a the First
   Baptist Church of McConnell.  The fellowship meets once a month to
enjoy a Bible devotion that is given by one of the members and to discuss
possible projects that they can accomplish as an extended arm of the

Through these years of service the men of the church have accomplished
many good deeds.  Among these is the annual Christmas treat bag
assembling and hand out.  These are given to each person the Sunday
before the Lord’s birthday celebration.  Also in December, they deliver
Christmas fruit baskets to the shut-ins and widows of the church.  

Since 1987, the Men’s Fellowship has given a $150.00 grant to each
member of the church that is planning on attending a school or higher
learning after high school graduation.  The gift was named in honor of the
late president of the group, that everyone loved so dearly, Mr. Richard
Smith.  The scholarship money is obtained through the church
membership and friends of the church who bring aluminum cans for
recycling.  The month of May is designated as scholarship month and the
church membership may donate love gifts to the account at that time.  

Another service the fellowship has provided is contributing money to buy
needy children clothes, shoes, and giving assistance to families that are
financially unable to make ends meet.

For the past year, the Men’s Fellowship has given a monthly love gift to
the Charleston based “Believe in West Virginia” program.  This free
supply bank gives out food, hygiene items, clothing, and household
supplies to churches across the state.  

The First Baptist Church of McConnell would like to extend an invitation
to each man of the church to attend the next Men’s Fellowship held on
the third Thursday of each month.  This is another opportunity for us to
minister in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to become stronger in
Him by becoming part of the fellowship’s benevolence program.
The Men's Fellowship Group